New Book Review: A Long Walk to Water



Rated 5 of 5 stars

The story of South Sudan born, Salva Dut, is a tense and heart-wrenching journey to safety from his war torn village. The story has a pace that is break neck speed even though it covers many years (almost 20!) in a small book. From the beginning, we find Salva in school. He travels many miles from his home to learn and while in class, he hears the popping sound of guns and the screams of the people milling about outside. His teacher tells all the boys to run into the bush, not back home to their families. This was a wise choice as his village among others was overran by the war. Along his journey to safety, he meets with various people and groups…many of whom don’t want him to travel with them because he is too young and will slow them down. As a reader, you feel the highs and lows of this long journey from Sudan to Ethiopia then to Kenya.

This story is a must-read for grade five students and above. I found the story to be tragic at times but redeeming in the end. It shows how one can endure the worst of times to still rise above and being a blessing to others and to the world. Salva Dut still does great work for Sudan even with the unrest still there. Many schools and civic organizations are also using this book as a catalyst to show students how they can contribute to the world and to communities less fortunate. Not only is this book highly recommended but it goes in the library as a must read for all students.

Raging Book Reviews Highly Recommended

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