New Book Review: The Wild Inside

The Wild Inside Audiobook

Rated 2 of 5 stars


Carbo tried hard in The Wild Inside to make a novel worthy of suspense and action yet it falls flat. The story is very long and drawn out which can lose the readers interest without enough action in between the story building. I found the book to drag on and on about the main characters fear of bears and the reliving of his fathers brutal attack and subsequent murder by a bear. The book starts where the agent must handle a bear attack in the same area where his father was killed by a bear. The scene is gruesome. Unfortunately, it wasn’t an ordinary bear attack and looks like a murder occurred before the bear had its lunch. The story then winds its way through the townspeople and its immediately known that the person who died is someone no one will miss. Still, the agent trudges on trying to figure out who killed the man (or facilitated his killing?) in bear country. During the piling of clues, the story slows waaaayyyyyy down and we (readers) start to wonder if the story is worth the read because the guy who died is well…deserving of it. So why are we continuing to search so hard for his killer? The author inserts the main characters issues in this section of the book in hopes to keep readers engaged with him yet this didn’t quite cut it. The main character only had one thing in his life that was tragic and therefore, seemed like he kept beating a dead dog (no pun intended for this who listened to the story). Anyway, the story takes too much work to get to the ending which was nicely put together but not nearly enough pay out.

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