New Book Review: The 13th Continuum


Rated 4.5 of 5 Stars

Jennifer Brody’s debut is a thrilling ride into the dark universe and and into the cold depths of the sea. This was an incredible read that I will not long forget! First, the premise revolves around the end of the world as we know it through a brutal rain down of what seems to be asteroids? or something more sinister. All the reader knows is that there is a group of chosen survivors that will escape the undoing by living in space, under water and underground. Brody does a great job channeling Aero’s bravery in space and Myra’s savvy smarts under the sea. We are eluded to the underground Seeker very briefly. This story is one of Myra and Aero’s escape from their separate worlds back to Earth. The journey they both endure will have you on the edge of your seat!

Brody did a brilliant job of creating worlds that we could visualize and touching on class issues and what power really means. Also, it shows how creating followers is an important part of power. I loved seeing the different lifestyles, rules and governing bodies and how they were so different than American values when given people the opportunity to lead themselves.

I thought the premise of the novel was better than the writing though. The writing could become a bit rushed in certain scenes (which I can understand from a book size point of view…if details were explained, it could be much longer). In some times though, I wish the explanations weren’t so rushed so that I could feel like I came up with something along the way as the reader. Even with its fast pace, it satisfies the readers curiosity. I will be starting the second book in the series immediately to say the least. Return of the Continuums will prove to be an interesting journey of both Aero and Myra along with their crews heading towards the First Continuum and each other. I’m interested to see whether other Continuums survived and what lifestyles they’ve led for the last thousand years.

*This book was received from the publisher at BookCon2016 for an honest review.

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