New Book Review: Aeromancist


Rated 5 of 5 stars

Charmaine Pauls has the perfect blend of paranormal, suspense, romance and erotica. I love reading her books so much that I take my time with them and really hate to finish. I find myself reading too fast and realize that I’ll be without the characters for a while…so I slow it all the way down. Even still, I love this series and can’t get enough!

So to continue the series, you meet and get personal with Lann Drean, an aeromancist (aka a person that controls weather). He is wonderfully intellectual (owns and is refurbishing an antique library) and is very tough yet gentle. He has his issues with jealousy but nothing like Josselin, his team leader. He definitely lets others know what is his and not to trespass on his territory. Anyway, Lann accidentally gets Kat pregnant. He’s shocked because he believed he was infertile. The push and pull of Kat and Lann at the beginning of the pregnancy was ah-maaazzzing! It was so realistic how Kat harbored her own pain and distanced herself from him even though she was falling for him. Also, Lann did not know who to trust and wrestled with himself to let Kat into his once solitary lifestyle. The way Pauls wrote this couple has an edge of reality and you feel like you could relate to what each person was feeling.

Unfortunately, Kat’s baby is not only important to her and Lann. They are chased by a threat that wants the baby for himself. This is where the action ramps up and the pages fly by. I thoroughly enjoyed Pauls’ second addition to the series (not counting the prequel). Read it to find out what happens to the baby and Kat.

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