New Book Review: The Life We Bury

The Life We Bury Audiobook

Rated 5 0f 5 stars

*This is an audiobook purchased through Audible.

The Life We Bury is one of those books that make you feel every emotion during the course of listening. I felt fear, happiness, exasperation, anger, sick, triumph, worried and lastly, totally content. I went through a range of emotions and the author really makes an effort to give you an in depth back story but not go so overboard that you can’t decipher what’s important to hold on to. The main character, although nonchalant and quirky, shows that he has an open mind when he agrees to interview a dying, convicted rapist and killer as part of a biology project. During the course of the project, Carl, the convicted killer, takes the reader and the main character on a rollercoaster ride through his tour in Vietnam that’ll have you ready to shed a tear. On the opposite spectrum, you gather grizzly details of the rape and murder of a 14 year old that’ll have you banging your fist for him to die a painful death. I loved how the author structured the story. So many times we were yelling openly in the car. Hoping our voices could be heard by the characters before they made a deadly decision. I adored the narrator! His voice and depiction of characters was seamless. I was gripped by him from beginning to end. Flawless execution. I’d definitely recommend this book for people that like psychological thrillers.

Raging Book Reviews Recommended!

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