Rated 1 of 5 Stars

  • This was a DNF book

I couldn’t finish this book even though it has an interesting concept. The writing style was a major problem for me. It was very cliche and somewhat elementary in its portrayal of places, feelings and objects. I liked the idea of the story, from what I gathered, which consisted of a young boy who was cloned and taken by aliens onto their ship. They are searching for a new habitat and traveling to different planets to test whether they are suitable. They are studying his kind because they seem suitable mates for habitation of their planet. They have the young boy working with the crew of the spaceship. There is a funny play on power where men are considered weak and unintelligent while women are leaders and decision makers. I liked that twist. Unfortunately, the writing needs a bit of work to really give the readers a sense of camaraderie with the characters and to really appreciate the outer world that is created.

Raging Book Reviews Not Recommended