New Book Review: Undertow


Rated 1 of 5 stars

Well, I couldn’t finish this book for a multitude of reasons. One, as a black woman, I thought the book was horribly bigoted in it’s portrayal of black people. Two, the characters were not likeable in the least bit. I couldn’t root for anyone. I also didn’t care what happened to them. Third, I couldn’t figure out the point of the plot, other than this politicians plight to get out of a scandal. And that doesn’t hold my interest for a full novel. There needs to be some sort of backstory or mini-plot for something that superficial.

I DNF’d this book at about the 80% mark. I know, I know…I was very close to finishing but then I thought…why am I wasting my time reading something I have not been enjoying???

So sorry, Adler, this one does not cut the mustard for me.

*Recieved a copy free from Reading Alley for an honest review.

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