New Book Review: Sleep Tight

Sleep Tight Audiobook

Rated 3 of 5 stars

This is my first Anne Frasier novel and undoubtedly won’t be my last. I like her writing style and she definitely knows how to create a weird and gut wrenching antagonist to a story! Yes, there is a reason I rated this book 3 stars even though I really liked it. But let’s start from the beginning…Agent Mary Cantrell is on a case in her hometown of Minneapolis because there have been a string of killings. Flaw one, her boss thinks its a good idea to go back home while recovering from a gunshot wound to relax…while working on a murder case? In your hometown? Yeah, that’s relaxing…

Flaw two, the story digs into the protagonist’s past pretty deeply and I’m not sure if we ever really get out of the past enough to enjoy the present case. For instance, Mary’s sister is now a cop/field agent for the local police working on the same case. Mary is doing double duty by looking into her best friends murder (which has been solved, guy served his term in prison and everything, yet…she’s still looking into it). The majority of the story is about the past case while the new case is far more interesting because the antagonist is supremely weird and does increasingly heinous things to women.

The antagonist is an interesting person and you really fall into wondering why and how these girls end up in the predicament they’re in. Unfortunately, you have to wait until the very end of the book to get your fill of this this character. Overall, the book was interesting enough and I knew what the ending would be in regards to the old case yet I was still satisfied with the story and its overarching theme of family woe, secrets and acceptance. There was another flaw in the book that is very miniscule but I’d be remiss for not bringing it up. The romance that occurred seemed really forced and I got absolutely NOTHING out of it. Usually when people get together it’s like…


All in all, even with the flaws, the book is kind of enjoyable so I’ll definitely try out the author again in the future. Frasier wrote a kick ass antagonist that had me cringing…I don’t think I can remove some things he did from my mind….

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