New Book Review: Rebirth


Rated 3 of 5 stars

Travis Starnes has created a novel that is fast paced and endearing but maintains a flawed execution. While the book was riddled with errors equivalent to the amount of gun usage in this story, the main character comes across as flawed yet endearing. I came away from the novel really liking the main character, John Taylor. John is an ex-military POW that returns home to find his life flipped upside down. The woman he loved and wanted to marry is taken. He has no family or real friends. So he sets out on his own, searching for his meaning in life. He quickly finds out that what he’s good at, can be used to help others, including himself. Saving a girl turns into being hunted. Using his wit and guile, he embarks on a journey to keep her safe while getting to the bottom of a pretty bad kerfuffle.

Starnes writes like he speaks. So many times, the reader may feel the story pattering along in a rudimentary fashion. Still the action sequences make the story a thrill of a ride. With a more advanced writing style, this story could become the next Jason Bourne-esque novel. Overall, I enjoyed the ride even with the clunky writing and editing errors and that, my friends, is hard to do.

* Received a copy free from the author for an honest review through Goodreads

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