New Book Review: Raven Sisters

Raven Sisters (Franza Oberwieser, #2)

Rated 1 of 5 stars

*Received this book for free for honest review from NetGalley

I hate to give one star reviews but more importantly, I dislike reading one star novels. This novel, Raven Sisters by Gabi Kreslehner, was a struggle to get through. It was enough struggle that I had to DNF it at about 20% in. The story made absolutely no sense! I couldn’t get a grasp on who the main character was and who was speaking or thinking at a given time. It was all over the place. Mind you, this is a translation…so someone’s job should be on the line. The cover of this novel is what pulled me in. It looks awesome! Unfortunately, the story inside is a jumble of people, thoughts and places that make absolutely no sense. I hope we can blame this on the translator and the original was in much better shape (especially since it was from a highly regarded international author). This is definitely an occasion where a remake goes horribly wrong.

Raging Book Reviews NOT Recommended

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