Where’s the Best Place to Advertise Books Online?

There has been a lot of wonderment on where to go as a self-published author to advertise and sell your latest novel. I have not found much luck myself. Well, not for sales anyway. For getting views, Goodreads is useful and the Giveaways help get reviews (but only half of what you give away will be reviewed…so go big). You’ll kinda feel like…




But it’ll be worth the feedback and exposure.

I have found that for audiobooks…Audiobook Reviewers got me a couple purchases on a 7-day trial advertisement. I think I am going to go with them again for an extended period since I did net some sales, albeit meager. Plus, I don’t have any other options right now that have worked for audiobooks.

Facebook and Twitter seem to have a hit-or-miss edge to it. But I am still on the search for how to market and advertise your novel online (and get results). The print and Kindle market is flooded but I am going to try a few strategies to target my customer base a bit more. I haven’t found that social media blasts do much by way of sales but do in fact, get your name out there (supposing your blast host has real followers). My latest novel, Girl Soldier, is considered a Teen Thriller (although, I thought it more New Adult but whatev’s). So I am  still on the search! Share if you have found things that worked. Anyway, here’s my latest advertisements for your viewing pleasure:

Girl Soldier AD


GS BannerAd2

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