Gone London

Calling ALL WRITERS! New opportunity from publisher, Yoshima Books.

Are you ready to meet a new challenge? There is a writing challenge for all aspiring or established novelists. Attached is a cover mock-up for a mystery/suspense/thriller anthology. We are seeking new writers, established writers and indie authors to participate in the anthology. If you are interested in entering a short story (under 30,000 words) inspired by the mock book cover, please have your entries to Yoshima Books by MAY 1, 2016. I hope the cover inspires you! Remember, the title will change so you don’t have to base the story on the title (the designer wanted to show what it would look like finished).

So start writing!!!!! Try to have your stories to Yoshima Books by deadline to ensure you are properly reviewed. The earlier the better, as they’ll need time to choose, get editors on staff and start structuring the book (yes, it will be a hardcopy and eBook!). Once you finish, email Yoshimabooks at gmail dot com to submit and discuss payment for your story if it is chosen! Spread the word. I’ll be making another post on my social media and blog for aspiring writers that want to get their name out there and for some, to pen their first published story. Are you up for the challenge???

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