New Book Review: Web of Deceit


Rated 4 of 5 stars

Lauren Reign is a genius when she created the character, Kalliope “Kalli” Winters. I haven’t read a more entertaining, witty and funny character in a long time by the likes of Kalli. So the story starts a little shaky as I was getting used to the weird tense. I never really liked novels where the book sounds like its talking to the reader directly. It just shifts weird in my opinion from the character’s thoughts to the actual actions and descriptions of the surroundings. With that being said, I’ll say this, it really didn’t matter in Reign’s novel, Web of Deceit. The characters were THAT good.

Reign is artful in her approach to emotions in her characters and brings a realism I haven’t seen in many books of its kind. Kalli is a bar owner and has major issues with relationships. Fortunately, her best friend is a Brady twin with dashing good looks and a serious FBI job and on top of that, he’s her roommate. Twins, Jaxxon and Colton, both grew up with Kalli but Jaxxon seemed to stray from the two and heads to the military after school while Colton sticks with Kalli, also going to school then lands his job at the FBI with his twin brother. A killer has spotted Kalli and is relentless in his pursuit of her. Can they catch him before he gets to Kalli?

The book is called Web of Deceit for a reason as there are lots of secrets revealed, hearts broken and alliances threatened. I loved every juicy minute of it and hungrily digested this book, page by page. I felt a strange affinity for Kalli because she’d lost so much and her personality had an endearing quality, not overboard, just the right amount of moxy and bravado. Colton was the sweetest guy ever and I wished I had one, no two, actually. Unfortunately, Colton’s twin, Jaxxon, is the opposite of him. Very dark, brooding and serious. It takes a lot to crack his shell and I loved that it wasn’t an easy shell to crack in the book. Good call by Reign.

There were some editing issues that were evident so I couldn’t five star it. Also, I found the story to lack a great ending, albeit an interesting ending for a follow-up, it still wasn’t strong enough to piss me off enough to say “I need the next book NOW!”. I was more like, guess the next book will explain more…chips, yes, chips sound good right now…

Even still, I can’t take anything away from the glorious characters from this book and all the emotional twists and turns. Reign did a great job on this novel and with a few editing fixes (and maybe a new cover design) then it will get all the readers it desires and deserves.

Raging Book Review Recommended


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