New Book Review: The Perfect Escort


Rated 1.5 of 5 stars

I was confused by Belle’s short novella (bordering on flash fiction). I gave a star for the concept of the book since it has potential to be a really awesome book, if Belle could rise to the occasion. The premise of the story is a hardworking techie by the name of Amanda who has a coworker that gives her a card for a male escort service. This short story is the culmination of her calling him and essentially having sex with him. The end.

Belle needs a lot of work on her writing style. It is written as if it is spoken instead of for the reader. There’s lots of places that a good copyeditor could fix although, her descriptions would still need to be ramped up majorly. I found the writing amateur-ish as if a high school student wrote it to share with her friends to giggle over. The dialogue didn’t give much to the character’s depth and they seemed only simple placeholders for the real story…a night of sex with a stranger.

I would not recommend this book as it needs a lot of work before it can be a fully functioning series.

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