Will You Be At BookCon 2016?

Oh yes, I’m kind of nerding out right now…I have my booth at BookCon. It’ll be the highlight of my literary career to meet, greet and mingle with the fans, other extraordinary authors and simply just be in a place surrounded by books, Books, BOOKS! Ah, heaven! Ok, I’m coming down from my high now…
BookCon Ad


So, are you going to BookCon 2016 at McCormick Place in Chicago this year? It lands on May 14th from 10am – 6pm. Super cheap to attend especially with all the free stuff you’ll walk away with ($30 adult and $5 kids…my son is so stoked to meet Jeff Kinney of Diary of Wimpy Kid and Lincoln Pierce of Big Nate). It’s going to be the best place to see your fave authors (like me!) or your real favorite authors like those big wig bestsellers that get cranked out by equally big name publishers. Yeah, you know the kind…Random House, Penguin, Harper Collins and Scholastic. They’ll be there in full effect with lots of books to giveaway. Here’s a sneak peek of what one BookCon-er walked away with in 2015…

BookCon books

But if you support your independent writers and publishers, and all the newness and weirdness that comes from us…come check me out at my booth! Booth 2078 (under Yoshima Books). We’ll have giveaways, limited numbers of FREE books (if you know the secret password which will come soon on select sites that follow me like Twitter/FB/IG) and lots of books for sale and signing. Here’s a few you’ll get to pick up at Booth 2078:

I just realized how much I like red and black. May need a psychologist after this. But in the meanwhile, I’d love to see ya at BookCon, give you a good strong hug, take some pics and talk about the books. So leave me a note on if you’re going to come and what books you are interested in seeing while you’re there!

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