New Book Review: Furious



Rated 5 of 5 stars

T.R. Ragan’s heartfelt, gut-punching novel threatens everything you believe is innocent in the world. She writes a story of unrelenting perseverance in one mother’s search for her children after a heinous, deadly attack on her family. After her unlikely survival on the day of the attack, Faith is left with gruesome scars and a belly filled with hatred and vengeance. The story takes a twist when she realizes her children’s disappearance only matters to her and her family. The police are just too busy to make it a priority. Over time, Faith befriends others on the journey to rescue her children and the story unwinds nicely from there. Ragan touches closely on human trafficking in America. Her efforts at providing a telescope into a world that many of people believe is more than a stone’s throw away. This story awakens the fears of parents across the nation. How far would you go to find your missing children? Ragan’s character, Faith , explores the depths of this. As a reader, you will be sickened by the rawness of child molestation and underaged sex workers. Even with its action, suspense and purely character driven plot, Ragan weaves a tale built on the foundation of how strong family ties can get you through the worst of times

Raging Book Reviews Recommended!.

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