New Book Review: The Phoenix Descent


Rated 5 of 5 stars

Chuck Grossart is one of my new favorite authors! This novel is by and large one of the best pieces I’ve read all year. Ok, so it’s only February but you get my drift. It will be hard to top this one in 2016. I’m definitely buying a hard copy in March as I’m pretty sure I will re-read this one again. Ok, so here we go…

Grossart creates a band of entertaining characters in Sif, Hunter and Lucas. All three astronauts are sent on a mission to explore the depths of Mars. After waking from stasis and realizing their ship has slipped into a time warp, they see Earth as a black ball, not the green and blues we are accustomed to seeing. When they realize that the ship is returning to Earth as protocols have been set to do, they send Sif and Hunter down to earth to explore. What they find is a sci-fi readers dream and worse nightmare. Sif, Hunter and Lucas must find out the truth about what has happened to earth but also sees that the people who are left have been changed over the span of nearly 200 years.

This storyline is a movie must. I read it in a day, fully involved and couldn’t turn the pages quick enough. Great character development, awesome world view and has a heart-wrenching ending. Well done, Chuck Grossart…well done!

Raging Book Reviews Highly Recommended!

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