New Book Review: Loving the Enemy (Crushed)


Rated: 4.2 of 5 Stars

Pauls has a great action-packed storyline with Loving the Enemy (now aptly named Crushed). The story follows Lily, a sheltered, young lady who learns that her father is a high powered killer and criminal. She denounces his activities and threatens to run away from home. Unfortunately, while her father and stepbrother are away on business, a group of assassins attempt to kill her, whilst killing everyone else she knows in the looming mansion. She narrowly escapes death and finds herself living in the slums, scrounging for food to survive until on a rainy night she is saved by Jacob, a brooding and mysterious gentleman. Through a series of twists and turns, Jacob and Lily begin to fall in love while on the run. Their journey is a push-pull of emotions, both defying love at one point or another only to be pulled together again. The story ends lovely and the reader will feel as though the story was a complete thrill from beginning to end, including a little racy with some very candid sex scenes. Tastefully done, Pauls.

Raging Book Reviews Recommended!

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