New Book Review: The Biology of Luck

The Biology of LuckThe Biology of Luck by Jacob M. Appel
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I enjoyed Jacob M. Appel’s novel, The Biology of Luck, about a man named Larry who falls in love with and writes a story about a woman named Starshine. In the story, you follow Larry’s day leading up to his first date with Starshine, then you read his novel in between which is his imaginary idea of her day. Unfortunately we never get to know if Larry was right about his view of Starshine and it was weird to have him write a story and sync people and places with the foundation being make believe. I found myself wondering how Larry would know the woman’s deepest darkest thoughts or whether he just had the power of telling the future. Somehow he knew in his book that he would be next door in reality or meet a person she knew. It was a bit confusing which is why I took a star away. It was written with gusto but held too much drama to explain simple things. Appel can describe a landscape and people down to the most minute detail which can be a gift and a curse. Many times I scanned through whole paragraphs about the city alone just to get back into the meat of the characters. To be a short novel at a little over 200 pages, I thought I’d be done in a day but it seemed to take several days of waking myself up until I got more comfortable with skimming passed the overly described parts about the city. Lastly, there just wasn’t enough action and emotion between the characters and anyone else, so I fell flat on the love story piece.

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