New Book Review: Life Drawing

Life DrawingLife Drawing by Robin Black
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this thoughtful book by Robin Black. It follows the story of a couple who have been together for many years and remain together after a sordid, hurtful affair. In order to get back to the thing the matters most…their relationship…they move to the country and relish in their solitude. Unfortunately, as a writer and a painter, the couple have struggles within their work, some stemming from the aftermath of an emotional upheaval regarding the affair while other reason are entirely centered around the changes they have as a couple. Through the monotony of their work days, a neighbor moves into the once abandoned home on the hill. They befriend the estranged woman and soon her daughter. The unfolding of the character, Gus, makes the story very intimate and thoguhtful in its essence. I feel like I know and understand Gus through all the good and bad that sprung into her life. This book definitely makes you think about the butterfly effect and how one action can create another path in your life which could lead you to a different place than you originally expected. It was sad in some parts but the overall bleak nature was lightened in the hope that Gus has for her relationship with her father. I enjoyed it and would recommend this book as an intimate read that you’d probably like to have with a coffee and pastry. If you want to step into someone’s marriage, their life and see how people really feel when something dies inside them and suddenly re-awakens with a thunderous roar.

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