Beauty by Frederick Dillen was not what I expected. I found the storyline to be dull and boring. The main character, Carol aka Beast, was not a character of true depth. She was either hardcore business or deeply in love which seemed a bit rushed for me. The love story aspect of the novel seemed like an afterthought. I felt like someone maybe told the author the main story of saving an old fish plant wasn’t going to work, so Easy was created. But their love wasn’t built on much of anything and I found it odd that the first real date is when personal information was shared about Easy’s wife and baby…then used that moment to say “oh and I love you”. It was extremely awkward to read and imagine. The only bright spot in the book was the shopping they did together. That was the moment when I could dig into the sparks that were supposed to be there. Anyway, this book felt disjointed for me. The main plot was boring as all hell and the cheeky love story did nothing to save it.

Not Recommended…