NEW BOOK REVIEW: 13:24 A Story of Faith and Obsession


Hickmon really hits a homerun with the novel, 13:24. It has every ioata of suspense and emotion expected of a forensic thriller. Many times in the story, I was literally grimacing as I read or holding my mouth as it splayed open in shock. I was thrusted into the story of Chris, a boy who is smart enough to unearth a major criminal pornography ring and search for his own personal level of peace by caring out revenge on the people who needed it most. Josh, a man suffering from childhood psychological, physical and emotional wounds, finds his peace on the stage, reliving his horrors for his fans. These two character’s lives are parallel in many ways but being ages apart does not separate them from a dark bond that they must both endure to the very end.

I really enjoyed this book so much. It brought up so many talking points for me to have with pastors, friends and my spouse. 13:24 makes you think about what you would do and question childhood innocence and obedience. It is definitely a thrill ride from beginning to end with a twist of an unknown odd fetish.

Raging Book Reviews Recommended!

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