New Book Review: Rising Dark

Rising Dark (The Darkling Trilogy, Book 2)Rising Dark by A.D. Koboah
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Raging Book Review Rating: 4.5

I really enjoyed Koboah’s second book in The Darkling Trilogy. The book was written in the perspective of Avery, a handsome, caring and smart vampire that has followed his love Luna for many years. The story is very touching in a sense that Avery is so caring and honorable yet he faces his own struggles with forgiveness and is many times blinded by his unfaltering love for Luna. I can’t say much about the book because there are many twists and turns throughout the novel that lead into the final blow but I will say that I was really interested in the fast paced action scenes that this book served up as well as the brute honesty of the scenes. I only wish there were more, more, more! The first 50% of the novel is a revisiting of the past through Avery’s eyes. I did not care much for such a large chunk of the novel to be “retold” in a sense but I did feel closer to Avery after having read his side of the story. There are new characters introduced into the novel and some I wish I knew more about (Mallory and Dallas) which may be a teaser for the last and final book. The author states at the end in her note that she is thinking of telling the story through Dallas’ eyes but I had a sick feeling when I read it. I didn’t like Dallas one bit in the novel and I wasn’t sure if I could stomach her for an entire novel! But, stranger things have happened in the book world and I may just end up liking/hating the character enough to feel like it was a great story. Needless to say I am stoked for the final book in this trilogy and recommend everyone catch up with these novels before the final book comes out (hopefully soon!). Raging Book Review Recommended!

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