New Book Review: The Pen Name

The Pen NameThe Pen Name by David Jacob Knight
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I enjoyed reading The Pen Name for the most part. I had a few snags along the way that threw me out of the book or had me rolling my eyes like “Really?!” but I got through it. So here’s my opinion on this novel in pro/con form:

PROS – This novel has a lot of action towards the end that will make you flip the pages so fast that you don’t realize you’ve read 50 pages while on lunch break. There are great descriptions throughout the book so it’s very easy to visualize what is happening. The ending was a nice twist as well.

CONS – The main character, Ben, is so WEAK. I personally do not like weak, timid main characters because it bores me tremendously. I also do not like when writers try to make characters do something so far-fetched that we as readers would never believe someone would rationalize or do those things. It makes it hard to stay in the story because the “believability” of it diminishes. Also, the plot was interesting but not well explained at the end of the book. I am still unclear how some of the things happened which left me feeling under-whelmed at the end. Also, a strong purpose is always a good reason to the insane and I think the story of “medical bills” was not a strong enough reason to endure some of the things Ben endured (especially when he had a job).

Overall, I enjoyed the book towards the end. The beginning was brutal because I didn’t like the main character but when the action started I was feeling good about the book. Towards the end, when things weren’t explained, I fell off the bandwagon again.

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