What Authors Should NOT Do: Example Provided ;)

Hello Raging Rascals,

Please see the message sent below from an author that received a 3 star rating on their novel. As you may already be wondering, yes, a 3 star review is not actually bad but to some if they don’t receive a 5 star book review they see it as a personal attack, instead of a true readers feedback on their novel. If you, as an author, ask for an honest feedback, please do not be so rude and childish as to harass and stalk the reviewer!

As sent received today from author, Ju Ephraim of Complete Surrender:

“What did you accomplish putting my book cover on your blog and writing that I did not want you to share the review? What do you think anyone reading this will think about you? You didn’t buy the book. I bought it and paid for it on Amazon and give it to you. What would it have taken from you not to put my book cover on your blog, and you’re an author too. Have you ever heard the saying, Karma is a bitch? Or do onto others as you would have them do onto you?  I had taken you out of my mind and left you to the Most High, but like a spawn of Satan you came back at me again. You mean my book was so upsetting to you, that you didn’t think you did enough damage writing the review? You went as far as liking the 22 years old who said I mentioned erection four times in the beginning of the book and I had too much back story and it was upsetting to her. If someone read your review right next to hers, you said I didn’t have any back story and she said I had too much. I smiled when I saw this. Vengeance is mine, said the Lord. Take this extra energy and do something nice for your son or for yourself. I’ll keep you in my prayers. Bless! Ju ”


Fellow Christians, is this a good representation? Mind you, this is not the first email response from this author regarding this review (maybe the 4th?) but I felt it necessary to share as an example of what NOT to do when receiving an honest review of your book.

I share this post with you all because as authors, we have a certain etiquette and class that is expected of us when putting our heartfelt work out to the masses. We hopefully understand that everyone will not love our work when we release it to readers. Unlike this author who takes to bullying, stalking and name-calling (a spawn of Satan???) because I did not share (at her request) the review to those that follow the site for ~gasp~ reviews. Furthermore, asking a person to review your book and take the time to indulge in your work should be appreciated because it is FREE and we all know… time is not free. Therefore, if you ask for an honest review…an honest review you shall receive! My followers deserve to know what books I do and don’t recommend to them because this is an honest site, not a site filled with only positive reviews. So authors, remember the etiquette and class one should have when involving with their readers, especially when you ask for feedback.

“If you really want to know who a person is, believe what they show you.”

Raging Book Reviews


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