New Book Review: Until Tomorrow Comes

Until Tomorrow ComesUntil Tomorrow Comes by LaDonna M. Cook
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*Received this poetry book from the author for review*

Cook has a unique voice in her poetry that threatens the reader with bouts of self-discovery, reminders of love lost and healing wounds. In her poetry book, Until Tomorrow Comes, she touches on the very fabric of life using the strings of death, love, life, religion and self-actualization to weave her personal story. As a reader you journey into an intelligent woman’s mind and follow her life in stages. The first stage (under the title “Lost”)is one of utter discontent with who she is and what she feels she deserves. It shows the struggle in becoming a woman even when given the wrong tools, or no tools, to do so properly. Two of my favorites in this section are “Help Me Unpack” and “I Feel Like I was Alone”. The second stage (Lovers Scorned) shows how displaced love can bend a person until they break and sever so badly that they are forced to rebuild from sheer nothingness. I felt horrible reading some of this section because the tragedy of learning that you are worth something after being used up…is one that is hard to forget. Read “Mascara Dripping” to get the full scope. The next section (Encouragement) shows the reader the next phase of the writer’s life. You see that she is encouraging herself to be better, want more and live up to her own expectation. My favorites in this section are “Encouragement for the Child” and “Heal Me, Lord”.

The next section, Eyes Wide Open In Love, is where you start to see the butterfly emerge from the cocoon of self-hate into one of self-love. I really enjoyed “Today, Time Has Stopped” because it reminded me of perfect wedding vows. The secondary choices in this section are “Fun Times” and “It Feels Good to the Soul” because they made me feel so free and light. I imagined myself in a field of daisies, spinning, laughing and happy. It definitely took me to a place I needed and wanted to go. Then the reader finally hits the pinnacle of this lifelong journey with the last section aptly titled “I’ve Arrived”. There are so many gems in this section that I could make a necklace and wear it around my neck for weeks! This was a perfect ending to the journey with poems like “Passion” and “Strong One” but there are many more that readers will love and identify with before reaching The Closure which is a short statement from the author about her own legacy and what she’s learned. This is a deeply satisfying personal journey that is capable of being felt on a number of levels, whether you’ve loved hard and lost it or ventured towards loving yourself and a higher being.

– T.R. Horne, author of Breaking Mobius and Crazy Dirty Love, blogger on Raging Book Reviews at

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