Come Little ChildrenCome Little Children by D. Melhoff
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*received as a Goodreads First Read giveaway*

I thoroughly enjoyed every page of Melhoff’s gruesome, dark and humorous novel. The perfect layering of emotions and action make this long story (at 444 pages) an easy, fluid read. Camilla is the main character that finds herself questioning strange happenings at the mortuary she’s been newly hired to as an embalming specialist. She learns the families secret after falling for Peter, a young, sweet member of the family. There are some moments in this book that will scare the wits of you as well as make you cringe or gush over the closeness and unity of family.

I found myself really liking and understanding Camilla more as the chapters went deeper into her own sordid past. I hated the amount of distrust she had but it made sense with her past. I thought the writing of this novel was genius! There isn’t a better mix of fear and funny out there. Melhoff’s writing style is easy to follow and uber creative. This book would be spectacular as a movie because it would freak every person out in the theater with its unexpected twists and completely eerie children. I loved this novel and will keep on my shelf as a model if what every creepy horror book should be. Well done and highly recommended!

-T.R. Horne, author if Breaking Möbius and Crazy Dirty Love, blogger for Raging Book Reviews at www.ragingbookreviews.wordpress.com

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