New Book Review: Roxy’s Story

Roxy's Story (The Forbidden, #2)Roxy’s Story by V.C. Andrews
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this book from beginning to end. It took me so many places I wanted to go. I felt the main character, Roxy, was extremely witty, funny and like a friend I’ve known for years. She had a complex story and complex feelings that made me really get close to her and care what happened to her. I wanted her to succeed. I wanted her to find love. I wanted her to have a happy ending.

Ok, let me slow down and get to the nitty-gritty of this book.

Brief synopsis: Roxy gets kicked out by her father as her mother watches and doesn’t stand up for her. Her younger sister is sleep and she doesn’t get a chance to say goodbye. Weeks later after being on her own and nearly running back home in defeat, Roxy is found in a restaurant by a scouting agent for an escort agency. He lines Roxy up with an elite, secretive agency that promises her riches, spoils and the most pampered lifestyle available to royalty. She receives all these gifts and more from the men she dates. Throughout her journey she learns to love herself, grow up and forgive in her own way.

I bought this book in the story after reading the back and noticing that it was a V.C. Andrews novel, which I read as a child. So I was stoked to pick it up and get into the story. I knew that it was by a ghostwriter but I was still thrilled to read it. Of course, I’m a little sneaky and wanted to read the reviews on the book first and I was SO surprised that it didn’t get good reviews…or not as good as I would have hoped. Now after reading the book, I’ve realized what the disconnect is/was with the other reviewers….they want the old V.C. Andrews back. If you read the novel without thinking it’s a typical V.C Andrews book then you will find yourself freely enjoying the places Roxy takes you (from the slums and rat motels to the pages of a magazine with beautiful trips, jets, limos and pampering). I wanted to be her, live like her while I read the book…it was so well written. Especially the scenes in France that made me wish I could see what she saw and eat at the places she ate. I didn’t read the first novel, Forbidden Sister, so I am happy that this book could be a standalone if it wanted to. I haven’t decided if I want to read the other book in the series because I am so happy with how this one ended, I’m scared of what could happen to mess that feeling up for me!

If you’d like a journey into the lives of the rich and famous by way of an escort organization…this has it. If you want emotional abandonment, self-discovery and true love…this has it. SO the next question is…what more could you want???

– T.R. Horne, author of Breaking Mobius and Crazy Dirty Love, blogger at Raging Book Reviews

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