New Book Review: Salome

SalomeSalome by Beatrice Gormley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really, really enjoyed this book. I was surprised that I even found it interesting because historical/biblical novels are like the death ray to a reader like me. I loved the way the writer kept the flow and the wording in step with the times. I do understand that some people who are raving historians may find the story lacking in some areas but if you read it with an open mind and for the sheer enjoyment, you will find yourself flipping pages so easily that you won’t realize you’ve come to the end of the book. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Salome and her family struggles. Her mother, a power hungry, persuasive spinster, was the least likeable character for me, even more so than Antipas! I guess, the ugliness of her ways and how she used everyone around her just dug deep into me as I read like a nail in the sole of your shoe. Antipas was also power hungry and self-absorbed but he was expected to be as a ruler in that time. Gundi, Joanna and Leander were shining lights in this story. I really loved how they all fit in well with Salome’s indecisive, naïve nature and brought Salome into adulthood by showing her the err of her ways without being blatant. I loved this story and would recommend to anyone that likes to read historical/biblical novels…and people that like to read…period.

– T.R. Horne, author of Breaking Mobius and Crazy Dirty Love, blogger at

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