New Book Review – Think Again

Think Again: A Captivating CompendiumThink Again: A Captivating Compendium by Renee Marie Philomena Therese Kray
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this book so much. It took me about one or two hours to finish. So here’s what I think of each story within the book:

First Love – Loved the simplicity of this story. In two pages, you feel the longing and the desire and have a complete back story. Loved what it stood for.

The Ghost in the Walls – Had me wondering from the beginning what was going to happen. I liked the way it ended!

Love Is Blind – This one was a bit confusing to me even though it was beautifully written. I can’t think of what happened to the woman. I want to hear from the writer exactly what happened because I can’t think of anything that fits quite right.

Employee of the Month – I really liked how this one was written inside the mind of a pompous store owner. His ideas about life were funny and amusing all the way to the end.

Dreams for Maria – I felt so bad after reading this one. I could imagine the hurt.

The Dollhouse – I thought this was a great “moral of the story” type of book. I didn’t like the dialogue as much because it seemed stale and not age appropriate for Keri but I did love the imagery and what it stood for in the end.

Faerie – This one was a bit poetic in nature. I wondered about the underlying meaning of this story. It was written with a distinct voice that made it even more enjoyable.

Ring Around – This was my favorite story and a great anchor story for the book. It left me with a certain feeling of loss, sadness and a weird happiness that it ended as it had. I loved the way the author weaved the story in a way that you can’t predict what will happen next and how it all ties together. Loved it.

Overall, this “captivating compendium of original short stories” is a great read for anyone that likes flash fiction and a quick, easy read that makes you think, makes you feel and makes you continue on. I recommend it.

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